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Marine Conservation Society Seychelles

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways that you can assist the MCSS with our important programmes, both physically and financially!  See the box below if you wish to volunteer on one of our projects.


Join In / Volunteer

There are many ways that you can assist us with your time and skills by joining us as a volunteer. For people who live overseas, you can join in as a volunteer for periods from 4 to 10 weeks, have a look at the Volunteers Page for details. For Seychelles residents there are a large number of projects we can involve you with, just contact us so we can discuss further.

Students are also welcome on work experience programmes and for projects from Honours dissertations to MSc and PhD Theses, please contact us to discuss further.

To support us financially you can donate directly if you have a PayPal account by clicking this button. This will open our PayPal account page and allow you to make a Euro donation of whatever amount you wish.


Another way is to Adopt A Coral or a Terrapin or Turtle! Either for yourself as a step against climate change or as a great gift for someone!