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Marine Conservation Society Seychelles

H Resort Conservation Project

This project started in March 2019; the H Resort is situated at Beau Vallon and the site includes not only the beach front resort but also a large wetland area so has plenty of scope for conservation activities.

We have started several activities with the Hotel including a full assessment of the wetland and a special interactive wetland tour for visiting children called the “Creepy Crawly Lab”.



On the marine side the project has set up three steel igloo frame structures to help supplement reef restoration activities, which have been transplanted with 140 coral colonies. Similarly the project is adding more young fragments to the coral nurseries to help build the supply of coral colonies for further restoration activities.

In the wetland we are helping the Hotel address an issue with an invasive waterweed known as Hydrilla. The source of the infestation seems to be from an upstream source which feeds into the top of the wetland causing a continual re-introduction of the weed.

We do need interested volunteers to help on this project. Please download the Volunteer Information file and complete a volunteer application form and send it through to us. Volunteers on this project are accommodated at our Beau Vallon apartments.